Our company history begins in 1922 when Dimitris Dimitriadis, a refugee from Asia Minor, settled in Thessaloniki and started his commercial activities, selling the first fabrics from a stall.  Very soon however, with his hard work and persistence, he managed to open a small shop in Egnatia Street within the city itself.  His sudden death left the company in the hands of his wife Panagiota and their three young children, Yannis, Nikos and Vassilis, who managed, as a team, to successfully expand its activities and open a multi-floor store, which stands as a landmark throughout Northern Greece, under the name “Panagiota Dimitriadi and Sons”

A few years later, Yannis D. Dimitriadis moved to Athens, taking the bold step into the city’s commercial world, and in 1952 founded “MAKEDONIKI  S.A.”with the purpose of importing, producing and trading women’s fashion fabrics. With his insight, intuition and professionalism, and with the contribution of his Swiss wife Heidi, who with her European culture brought innovative ideas for the time, he managed to develop the business and to achieve the distinction of it becoming known as one of the largest commercial companies in its field.

Today, MAKEDONIKI S.A. is housed in a neoclassical, privately owned building at 56 Mitropoleos Street and is managed, with the same dedication, commitment and respect for the client, by Dimitris I. Dimitriadis, who instigated  new policies and broadened the trading horizons of the company in the domestic market as well as abroad. The company, in anticipation of the new market conditions and consumer needs, now also stocks desirable, branded textiles for women as well as  a collection of high quality men’s fabrics.

And the family tradition continues ….